Quality Formulation Background

  • Ghrutika Agroceuticals is a quality manufacturer of aloe vera product.
  • Ghrutika Agroceuticals is manufacturing the semi-finished and finished formulation of aloe vera required for commercial supply and as per third party requirement.
  • Ghrutika agroceuticals processes out aloe vera leaf into superior quality of aloe vera pulp, aloe vera chucks, aloe vera juice, drinks, gel and extract with considering importance of stabilization method in order to preserved originality of chemical composition present in aloe vera gel.
  • Ghrutika agroceuticals is manufacturing the raw and finished product with extreme care with using semi-automatic and automatic manufacturing facilities to ameliorate the quality of formulation with minimum human interference.
  • During performing the processing task following Schematic representative step will be taken under the manufacturing practices so that to achieved maximum assurance of quality formulation.