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Encouragement to the farmer for self sufficiency through herbal farming. Ghrutika agroceuticals is a aloe vera based processing unit and having target approach of manufacturing of superior quality aloe vera formulation, by considering the motive vision of
“Encouraging toward the Healthy life ”

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Quality Formulation Background

Ghrutika agroceuticals processes out aloe vera leaf into superior quality of aloe vera pulp, aloe vera chucks, aloe vera juice, drinks, gel and extract with concidering importance of stabilization method in order to preserved orignality of phyto chemical composition present in aloe vera gel.

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Quality Testing Parameter

Quality testing of raw material has been tested only when product applicable for oral consumption however raw material uses for topical application will be not tested against parameter of quality testing. From one uniform leaf processing quantity recommended dose of sample will be collected for following testing

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“Encouraging towards Healthy life ”

Medicinal background of Aloe Vera

As per medicinal application concerned aloe Vera is a one of the best cell regenerators from nature. The plant has a magical applicability due to its wound healing, treating burn and damage, protection against skin damage from x ray, intestinal problem, increasing HDL, reducing LDL, reducing blood sugar in diabetics, fighting against acquired immune deficiency system, allergies and improving immune system.
In Ayurveda aloe Vera is known as Ghrit Kumari or young girl because aloe is believed to bring back youthful energy and feminist. Aloe Vera is use as a tonic for female reproductive system. Aloe is also believed to tone all three Ayurveda constitutions i. e. vatt, pitta and cough.Aloe Vera is use as a traditional medicine in India for constipation colic skin disease worm infection. Aloe is internally use as laxative, anthelmintic Hemorrhoidal Treatment and uterine stimulant. Chemistry of aloe Vera gel revolved the presence of more than 200 bioactive chemicals which play important role in magical applicability of aloe Vera. It is revolved that gel of aloe contain important 18 of 20 amino acid needed to the human body including of essential amino acid means aloe juice is a readymade source to fulfill the requirement of amino acid to the person having protein deficient Aloe gel is clear, color less semisolid and use as a base for nutritional drink as a moistening and healing agent in cosmetic and OTC drug Chemical analysis has revolved that clean and stabilized gel contain amino acid, minerals, vitamin, enzyme, protein, polysaccharide and biological stimulator. According to Chemistry, aloe Vera gel mainly contained 98% water, total solid content of 0.66% and soluble solid are 0.66% with seasonable fluctuation.

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