About Us

Ghrutika agroceuticals is a aloe vera based processing unit and having target approach of manufacturing of superior quality aloe vera formulation, by considering the motive vision of

Encouraging towards
Healthy life..

Ghrutika agroceuticals are committed to supply a superior quality of aloe vera formulation such as juice, gel, extract and related products. as per requirement of costumers. Ghrutika agroceuticals is cultivated and harvest the aloe Vera of species having highest medicinal value i. e. aloe vera Barbadensis Miller in our own farm facilities which is in few minute distance from processing unit. Ghrutika agroceuticals will take advantage from nearby farm facility in order to maintained the medicinal value of aloe vera by immediate processing of harvested leaf. Anticipated building facilities, qualified equipment, pollution free environment of village and well trained manpower facilities will help our product to made superior quality. Under mission of “Encouragement to the farmer for self-sufficiency through herbal farming” Ghrutika Agroceuticals will decide to encourage and provide information to the farmer for cultivation of Ayurvedic herbal plants including aloe vera in order to fulfill incoming market requirement in field of Ayurvedic medicines.